Big Bang Theory in the Final Frontier!

BBP17050BlgI am so excited that I can finally talk about these cool new retro-style figures coming in October: The Big Bang Theory cast dressed as characters from the original Star Trek series! These have been top secret for months now. Check them out:

New Inventory

A bunch of new inventory has found its way to the Trading Outpost this past month:

  • Doctor Who:
    • Impossible SetThe “Impossible” Set, which includes the Eleventh Doctor in his Victorian garb as seen in the 2012 Christmas Special, “The Snowmen,” and Oswin “Souffle Girl” Oswald as she appeared the the first episode of Series 7, “Asylum of the Daleks.”
    • River Song in the NASA astronaut suit from the Series 6 episode, “The Wedding of River Song.”
    • The Fourth Doctor and Sontaran Major Styre retro style action figures.
    • A TARDIS playset for the retro-style figures, with a bonus K-9 figure!
    • Speaking of K-9, a Rose Tyler action figure has also arrived, and she comes with K-9 as well, in the 5-inch scale. And don’t forget about the Tenth Doctor!
  • Marvel:
  • 20140826_182941“Lost” action figures: These retro Mego-style figures from Bif Bang Pow are a fun way to get lost on a tropical island of your own.
  • Alien” retro-style action figures, made in the same style as the Kenner figures from the 1970s and 80s, these are the ones that kicked off Funko/Super7’s line of vintage-style figures.

And more! Take a look around and see what else has been coming in. I’ll try to be better about giving updates on a more regular basis as new cool stuff comes in.

The Rocketeer jets into stock!

DSCN1036Funko’s first retro-style 3.75-inch action figure has jetted into stock! The Rocketeer, taken from the 1991 Disney movie of the same name, is now available and he looks pretty darn cool. This style brings back some really fond memories from my childhood, both with action figures and with movies. I can remember going to see “The Rocketeer” in the theater at the Lancaster Mall in Salem. It was probably the first time we went to a movie on our own (Dad and our other sister may have gone to something else; I can’t remember now), and we sat in the front row. It was a fun ride of a movie, and now I feel like I may need to pull out the DVD and watch it again. This is also the kind of toy I grew up with (even though there is a disclaimer on this figure’s package that this is “an adult collectible, not a toy”), and the nostalgia factor there is pretty high. All in all, this is a pretty cool line, and I’m looking forward to other figures Funko has coming, especially the Firefly, Goonies, Back to the Future, and Universal Monsters lines. The Monster figures in particular are very similar to the Remco monster figures I had as a kid.

Star Wars Black Series Wave 4

HSA4301DlgI just got notice from the distributor that wave 4 of the  6-inch action figures will be released in June. This looks to be a pretty exciting wave, with re-releases of Boba Fett and the Stormtrooper (both hot items), as well as the addition of a Revenge of the Sith Anakin Skywalker and an Attack of the Clones Clone Trooper, which I imagine will go just as quickly as Boba and Stormy. Keep your eye on our shop, because these guys are going to go fast. Contact us if you’d like to arrange a pre-order.