Shiny New Items

20150602_130317Some new action figures came in from Funko today, including some that I think are the most exciting new figures since the Star Wars Black Series 6-inch figures. I’m talking, of course, about Funko’s Firefly Legacy Action Figures, which look absolutely amazing! We also now have the rest of the Star Trek crew and a couple of Saints, all in ReAction form.

Here’s all that came in today:

Big Bang Theory in the Final Frontier!

BBP17050BlgI am so excited that I can finally talk about these cool new retro-style figures coming in October: The Big Bang Theory cast dressed as characters from the original Star Trek series! These have been top secret for months now. Check them out:

Costumes and Prop Replicas Now Available

NVSTC0001lgWe are now selling costume and prop replicas! Check out the costume and props page to check out what we have. Currently we can get some really cool Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and Doctor Who pieces. ABDRWHOlgMost of these high-end items are available as special-orders, so we don’t have them in stock, but can get them from our distributors. Send us an email if you find something you’d like, we’ll check the distributor and let you know if it’s available or when it will be.