New Inventory

A bunch of new inventory has found its way to the Trading Outpost this past month:

  • Doctor Who:
    • Impossible SetThe “Impossible” Set, which includes the Eleventh Doctor in his Victorian garb as seen in the 2012 Christmas Special, “The Snowmen,” and Oswin “Souffle Girl” Oswald as she appeared the the first episode of Series 7, “Asylum of the Daleks.”
    • River Song in the NASA astronaut suit from the Series 6 episode, “The Wedding of River Song.”
    • The Fourth Doctor and Sontaran Major Styre retro style action figures.
    • A TARDIS playset for the retro-style figures, with a bonus K-9 figure!
    • Speaking of K-9, a Rose Tyler action figure has also arrived, and she comes with K-9 as well, in the 5-inch scale. And don’t forget about the Tenth Doctor!
  • Marvel:
  • 20140826_182941“Lost” action figures: These retro Mego-style figures from Bif Bang Pow are a fun way to get lost on a tropical island of your own.
  • Alien” retro-style action figures, made in the same style as the Kenner figures from the 1970s and 80s, these are the ones that kicked off Funko/Super7’s line of vintage-style figures.

And more! Take a look around and see what else has been coming in. I’ll try to be better about giving updates on a more regular basis as new cool stuff comes in.

New Distributors

We recently signed on with some exciting new distributors: Funko and Quantum Mechanix. Funko, based in Lynnwood, WA, produces the popular line of POP! vinyl figures, as well as branching into the realm of action figures with the ReAction and Legacy lines (both of which look to be pretty cool). Quantum Mechanix Inc. is a “Los Angeles-based creative studio and developer of screen-accurate replicas, collectibles, apparel, artwork, and digital apps and games inspired by entertainment’s most beloved shows and movies.” I am thrilled to be able to bring products from both of these companies to our customers!

Questions regarding “special orders”

I have a question for you. I have a fair amount of items listed in the store as “special order” items, mainly because they are too expensive to stock regularly. How do you feel about this practice? Does it make sense to you? Does it annoy you? Do you think I should not sell “special order” items? Should I have more of them? Please tell me what you think!

Pardon Our Mess

As we continue to build and refine the website, it may look a little messy. Please know that we are working to make this the best, easiest to use site that we can and thank you for your patience.

New Catalogue Feature

I have been working on getting a new catalogue plugin working for the site, and it is now up and running. Searching for items should be easier and more dynamic now, and it’ll be easier for me, since I’ll only have tup update one place for inventory, rather than three. Let me know what you think.