Tatom Editing

Editing LogoHello!  My name is Simon.  With a Master’s in English and Philosophy, I can handle all of your editing needs, from school essays to full length novels and more. Pricing varies depending on the type of work being done. Email me for more information.

I love working with the written word, both creating my own pieces and helping others to make their writing the best it can possibly be.  I specialize in fiction, but also have experience with non-fiction, including student writing, theses, and dissertations. I am particularly fond of speculative fiction, though that is by no means a limitation. I enjoy working in all genres.

I read through your document at least three times. The first read is primarily to familiarize myself with the overall scope of the work. The second read dives into the nitty-gritty, teasing out what is good and what could use some help. The third read is for polish and to make sure I haven’t missed something. This averages out, overall, to approximately eight pages per hour.

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