Banner Add

Some users of the site may be seeing a banner add telling you that your browser is out of date.  I don’t know where that is coming from or why it is there, but I am looking into it and will get it removed as soon as I can.  Thank you for your patience in the matter, and please feel free to ignore it.

UPDATE: I found the code that caused the banner and removed it.  We should be good now.  🙂

Going Live!

Here we go! I’m letting the world know about this site now. There’s not a whole lot of inventory yet, but it will continue to grow. Take a look around, and let me know what toys and collectibles you would like to see available here!

Shopping Cart

I’ve been working to create a shopping cart with PayPal, and so far I think it’s working pretty well. It’s supposed to not allow buyers to add items that are out of stock to their cart, but right now that doesn’t seem to be working. I also need to work out the shipping options. Right now pretty much every item comes with $5 in shipping charges. If customers order more than one item, that will add up pretty quickly. So, for the time being, you’ll probably be charged that amount, but I will refund anything beyond the actual shipping and handling charges.