Doctor Who 5-Inch Missy Action Figure


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Missy (the Master) is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous. The Doctor and the Master were friends in their youth and both chose to ignore their people’s policy of non-intervention with other species, but unlike the Doctor, Missy chose to travel the universe causing chaos and reveling in wickedness on an epic scale.When Missy allied herself with the Cybermen she planned to convert the dead of planet Earth, ‘upgrading’ the fallen into a vast army of steel soldiers. Her plan defeated, a solitary Cyberman appeared to destroy Missy. Who knows if Missy’s latest disappearance is just part of another diabolical master plan? Hatted Straight Face and Purple Outfit Contents: 1 x Missy Action Figure 1 x Umbrella Accessory 1 x ‘Missy’s Device’ Accessory